Be Your Own Boss

So won't you just tell me where to go each day and what to clean? No we will help you to build a customer base that you clean on a regular basis, how, where and when is all down to you. When you invest into the Lgb Vision Window Cleaning Franchise system you get everything sorted out for you but you control it. We use a dedicated window cleaning planning software designed and run by Rob at Cleaner Planner which we run on iphones or ipads, this system will schedule your work, collect payments at a click of button and keep a record of turnover which will satisfy the HMRC.

You will literally be your own boss so when you get up for work, how you plan your day or when you finish etc will all be down to you. Of course we will give our input on how we would do it but ultimately the final decision is down to you. The Lgb Vision Franchise System is not something that has happened over night it has taken 15 years to get to this level and we have ideas and protocols in place that our competitors would dream of knowing, this is why we are so successful and popular with customers. We find solutions to problems and implement them instead of just settling.  


The planner is a simple drag and drop calendar with many tools to help plan and manage your work, it can also send automated text messages to alert customers of cleans, invoices at a click of a button and instruct direct debits to be collected all with built in safeguards. The support from cleaner planner is second to none but like most companies they have opening hours therefore if an issue becomes apparent and they are not open we encourage franchise owners to contact us out of hours for help. That's what you're buying into your own personal guru to help you 24/7. Some other Window Cleaning franchise owners may shudder at those words but we truly believe we're different. 15 years on and we STILL get that buzz from picking up a new £10 customer because we're passionate about window cleaning and always will be.  

Debt Management

We aim to get a large percentage of your customers onto the GoCardless direct debit system, we have a page fully implemented into our website for signing up customers to the service and various strategies to get customers signed up as there are huge advantages for both cleaner and customer.  Collecting of payments on the day is possible or you may choose to stay on after work or even have a collecting night. We will of course provide you with the pros and cons but you decide yourself on what route works for you. 

Pen And Paper

We would strongly discourage this but its possible to print your daily work sheets and tick each job off as you go round. Then each night you would manually update your round trackers etc.

Holidays And Sickness

You will be responsible for any lost time but there are various resources at your disposal to help with these issues.