Brand Awareness 

This is something we had to master as quickly as possible as we were late in the game when it came to websites, branding, logos and uniforms. We can safely say we have now left our competition for dust when it comes to that. The Lgb logo was only created in 2010 and the company had already been established for nearly a decade. When we looked at how to get a presence quickly both on and off line we decided the easiest way was a simple but easy to spot logo.

The Lgb Vision logo is as simple as it comes with just a couple of key points. Bold letters, two colours and be big! At the start of our campaign to increase brand awareness we knew it was working when we arrived at new customers to quote and they said "Ahhaaa i see these vans about, didn't realise it was window cleaning". Now we took stock of that comment but didn't act on it straight away. As the business increased in size we were unsure on which route the business would take and even what services we would push or would be priority. In 2014-2015 we decided we wanted domestic window cleaning to be our core service so we decided to change our van liveries to match the structure. You will get customers waving from all directions and they will see you before you see them! 

Word Wide Web

We have spent literally thousands of hours on all of our websites to make sure they out perform our competitors and are easy to use by the general public. The website is fantastic for attracting customers to the services we offer and the vans are designed to pick up domestic window cleaning customers. Potential new customers also walk up and ask if we clean more than just windows and our van informs customers to " Google " us for all the other services we offer and if we secure a one off job either from the vans or website we always ask if they need a window cleaner. Our main website also generates leads for domestic and commercial window cleaning. Each website we own is managed and maintained by Lgb Vision as to truly be in control of your business you need to know how everything works, they are cutting edge, full of original content and pictures. We have copyright protection built in from a new UK based company and also arguably the worlds most known plagiarism service.