Lgb Vision has perfected its working tools and system to give maximum efficiency and safety as nobody can clean windows from a hospital bed! The biggest issue with the Water Fed Pole system is the fact that you need pure water to clean the windows, frames and sills. Unless you're working at a set location every day on demand site filling is not possible and with this in mind the easiest way to clean windows is to provide your own pure water. Whether you produce the water on board the van or at a static site the issue of safety is still the same.

Lgb Vision initially started out with a well laid out DIY system which was as close to a professional install as possible and this van served us well until the cam chain snapped and rendered the vehicle uneconomical to repair. A bigger tank was required anyway so we set about looking into bigger tanks but with this comes a bigger risk as more water will be carried so we decided to look into crash tested systems and the benefits they had over DIY systems. We researched all the well known brands in the industry but there was one company that stood out, with the added advantage they are local to us. We went along to Grippatank and decided they would be the company for Lgb Vision, just like us they are a family run company with safety as their top priority.

Our first system was at the time the biggest they offered, a massive 850 Litre system which is not far off weighing a ton when the system is full! The way the system is installed, planned and manufactured all make for a quality and almost OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) feel. In other words the van felt like it should have come as standard with a water tank. From this point on the relationship was born with Oliver and the team at Grippatank and throughout the years they have designed custom racking for us and our own bespoke roller system which is now in production and can be purchased from Grippatank direct! 

System And Tools 

We know what you're thinking! It all sounds so great but I wont be able to afford that type of system but that's where we come in as a franchiser. We have hand picked a complete setup from GrippaTank inc tools which will see you being able to tackle any domestic houses that require cleaning. There is no wasted money with "Should i try this, do i need that?" because we have a checklist for each new window cleaning franchisee so the setup is standardised across the franchise business. This means we are able to stock spares for your system but also with GrippaTank being so local out of stock parts are not an issue. Whatever Package you purchase from Lgb Vision the system will always be a GrippaTank System. 

Complete Package

Our packages come with a comprehensive list of tools and equipment some of the industries top suppliers that help make up our package are listed below;