You can purchase what ever Window Cleaning Franchise package you want at the beginning of your journey, the difference in packages is mainly the amount of gross income you will start with, the end result is always the same though and we will supply as much work as you want until you tell us you're full. We would never recommend starting with maximum weekly earnings from the start as learning the Water Fed Pole system can take a few months. Lgb Vision will tailor the packages to the income you want to achieve with a typical investment between £5000 - £15,000 depending on expected gross turnover. In other words part time to busy full time although the higher amount would be maybe for someone with some experience already in the industry. 

What Will I Get For My Money?

Investment into a Window Cleaning Franchise reduces the risk when entering a new market sector for yourself. Lgb Vision has tried and tested methods in place and we will guarantee to get you up and running quicker than if you were to go it alone. Just because you will be buying into a successful franchise business model though does not mean it will be an easy ride. Hard work, determination and the desire to succeed are needed in running a profitable business so the more you put in the more you will get out.  

What Can I Expect To Earn?

A net pay ranging from £250 through to £800 per week is achievable for anybody and with the lower amount you would be a part time window cleaner and when up to speed would be working somewhere between 2 and maybe 3 days. The higher end would be after a few years in the industry with a finely tuned round and cleaning technique. A net pay of about £500 per work would be achievable with the right person in less than 12 months and is a happy medium for most people. Extra income is possible with one off jobs and working the odd weekends if you want. When we mention net pay we mean after expenses and your contributions to HMRC. With the Window Cleaning Franchise system in place that we operate there is no limit on what you can earn as you can become a master franchisee as well.