Where you choose to work will be a mixture of input from yourself and us, however at present we are only concentrating on Bedfordshire. In an ideal world every customer would be two streets from your house and next to each other and we do have some window cleaning franchisees who clean on there own street but as we have already mentioned competition is a lot more fierce in todays window cleaning industry. You won't be expected to drive out further than required and generally each franchisee has their own areas they work in.

There will always have to be some compromise as customers may move in and out of towns/villages which may be a different area from where you cover and if any area overlaps then we have a simple rule in place to stop arguments. We have some new developments where more than one van cleans on. You may think this is mad but imagine a potential customer seeing different Lgb Vision vans on a weekly basis arrive down his/her road, it can really help your round to grow organically which has always been the best method. Estimated radius would be somewhere between 5 and 15 miles which is a huge area! However you will drive out to a town or village, clean there all day then go home.

What Happens When We Run Out Of Houses To Clean?

If we had a new window cleaning franchisee that only wanted to work in Bedford we would need approx 0.10 - 0.25% of the homes in Bedford to build their round and if a new franchisee required this then it would be possible but it would take longer to build the round! Our first franchisee started in August 2016 and was a little worried we wouldn't be able to supply enough work but it was the other way round for us, we were worried he couldn't keep up. He had purchased our full time package and before the year was out he was approx 80% full so in 5 months we were able to supply enough work to roughly reach the target he wanted although his hours are less than 9 to 5! Within 12-18 months his target income figure will see him working 4-5 days a week. We purposely haven't filled his round as we need to have our first assessment meeting with him which is due in February 2017! So imagine all the homes in Bedfordshire and all the new homes being built, I think we can safely say we won't run out of customers and if we needed to leave Bedfordshire we're surrounded by counties which are linked with an excellent road infrastructure.