All of our training is in house and carried out by the owners. There are countless videos, blogs, pictures and guides on the internet on how to clean windows but we're not interested in any of them, you will be shown how to clean the Lgb Vision way. The reason for this is down to the amount of complaints we receive. On average we receive between 0 and 2 complaints a month. Considering the amount of windows and customers collectively we clean that is outstanding. These complaints can range from a full re-clean needed or just a simple text about a missed window. What's important is the customer is kept happy and we do not lose the customer, how a company deals with a complaint tells the customer a lot about the business. We have had customers shouting and raving at us about the quality of the clean only to pick up extra work by the end of the call. We will cover everything you will possibly need to know but at the start we will only concentrate on the basics due to the sheer volume of information. We're in the process of updating our window cleaning franchisee manual/handbook and we also have a secret facebook forum on the internet for problems and coaching.   

You're Not A Window Cleaner Until You Can Clean The Old Way?

We actually agree with that heading but we're not here to satisfy the industry we're here to help you run a successful but more importantly profitable window cleaning franchise. You will make your turnover quicker, safer and more consistently with the Water Fed Pole system which is a fact and we can show you the 6 years of accounts when we were fully traditional and the first two years of accounts of Water Fed Pole. The Water Fed Pole system is a lot harder to learn than traditional as there is little to no skill involved to get a clean smear free window with traditional tools, the actual skill which is hard to master is safety on the ladder and the speed of cleaning.

With the Water Fed Pole system there are countless ways to leave a window which is either going to dry dirty, spotty or streaky. We have an extensive knowledge of how to clean quickly and without complaints. Using the correct tools for the job in hand will also make a huge difference. We will show you how to clean windows using traditional tools as some customers may require the odd window cleaned inside or the complete house plus some jobs may only ever be suitable for the traditional method. Whether you accept or continue to clean these types of jobs will be solely down to you. We would estimate you will be fully up to speed by the end of your first year and will have a knowledge far greater than most competitors.